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    Please use the our contact form to send us any suggestions, feedback or questions you may have.

    Who we are

    The Food and Drink Federation (FDF) is the voice of the UK food and drink industry, the largest manufacturing sector in the country. The UK food and drink industry accounts for 20% of the total manufacturing sector by turnover and employs over 430,000 people in the UK across 7,400 businesses.

    We are an incredibly diverse sector, speaking on behalf of global brands and thriving small businesses.

    We help our members operate in an appropriately regulated marketplace to maximise their competitiveness.

    We communicate our industry's values and concerns to Government, regulators, consumers and the media. We also work in partnership with key players in the food chain to ensure our food is safe and that consumers can have trust in it.

    Find out more about us

    FDF membership

    FDF looks out for the interests of both large and small food and drink manufacturers.

    Our structure: How we work

    FDF is structured so that it is focused on delivering results in the areas that have the biggest impact on our members' businesses.

    FDF Cymru

    Part of FDF aiming to represent food and drink manufacturers across Wales from major global brands through to small, medium-sized and micro enterprises.

    Our Priorities

    FDF is structured so that it is able to respond to the issues and challenges shaping the world in which our members operate.

    Training and advice

    Our understanding of the food and drink manufacturing sector is second to none. Our policy experts can help you develop your own skills or those of your employee base to deliver measureable results for your business.

    Our members

    Our membership is made up of a wide range of companies and trade associations, from large international food and drink manufacturers with long-established brands to small companies manufacturing organic products.

    FDF Membership Enquiries

    Call 020 7420 7208 or send us an email members.enquiries@fdf.org.uk.

    Company registration information

    The Food and Drink Federation
    6th Floor
    10 Bloomsbury Way
    London WC1A 2SL

    Registration number: 210572

    VAT number: 761253541