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    FDF Event  Free Event

    Webinar: How data and digital technology can drive growth and minimise risks


    FREE event


    As the impact of the coronavirus continues to reveal itself, it is clear that food and drink businesses are up against lots of different challenges. Reliance on digital technologies has greatly increased in recent months - with vast numbers of employees working from home bringing challenges relating to communication and staff well-being. Meanwhile, the uncertainty in the market has meant that many are considering their business analytics and forecasting software in order to better understand business performance and forecast as accurately as possible. Others are looking more closely at business efficiency due to financial pressures with a view to reducing stock levels and improving their ability to adapt to the rapidly changing environment.

    In this webinar, RSM shares some practical guidance on how data and digital technology can drive growth and minimise risks. We will focus on how technology can help in relation to:


    • Engaging with employees
    • Responding to customer needs
    • Gathering and analysing data intelligently
    • Monitoring business performance in real time and;
    •  Adapting quickly during uncertain times.


    Heads of IT, IT Directors, Finance Directors and Managing Directors.


    Stuart McCallum, RSM's sector lead for Food and Drink is part of the RSM Manufacturing Team.  His experience of F&D includes funding and advising a wide range of clients on strategic planning aspects. Stuart has previously headed up a Food and Drink Sector team within a Bank and this has provided him with in-depth knowledge of funding solutions and strategies to enhance the success of funding projects.

    David Rowling leads RSM’s Digital and IT Strategy team. He has considerable strategy, systems selection, project delivery and operations experience. David and his team work with clients throughout their digital adoption and digital transformation journey, delivering IT reviews, IT and digital roadmaps, system selections and implementation services. He has held IT Director positions as well as being the Project Director for many major manufacturing and food & drink sector IT programmes.


    Organiser: Reema Patel, 0207 4207208, reema.patel@fdf.org.uk