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    Small and medium sizes enterprises (SMEs) Toolkit

    Small businesses are the back-bone of the UK food and drink industry; many are family owned. They share lots of the same needs and priorities of large companies but, some concerns are different.

    This area of our website is dedicated to the needs of all small and medium food and drink businesses.

    As the trade association protecting the interests of food and drink manufacturers of all size we offer:

    • expert technical advice
    • early insights into issues impacting the industry
    • practical opportunities to develop business

    We cater for the needs of every size of business, leaving owners and managers more time to concentrate on developing and selling their products. We have developed a plethora of online toolkits and guidance documents providing great advice on important issues in one place.

    SME Toolkit

    FDF has collated information on the following topics:

    Guidance on other topics coming soon

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